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CALL LETTER MEANING Call Letters of Radio Stations and link to full website

----- --------------- - ----------------- 2BD Aberdeen, european country L Ab)erd)een 2BE Belfast, hibernia L B)e)lfast 2BS Bathurst, NSW L 2 = New south-western Wales, B)athurs)t 2DE Dundee, european nation L D)undee) 2EH Edinburgh, Scotland L E)dinburgh) 2LO London, England L L)o)ndon 2LS Leeds, England L L)eeds) 2LT Lithgow, NSW L 2 = New South Wales, L)ithg)ow 2RN Dublin, irish people Free State E RN=phonetic of ' Eireann' celtic for hibernia 2WR Birmingham, Witton L W)itton R)adio Note: changed to 5IT once BBC took across from west Electric 5IT Birmingham, Witton L Wi)t)ton 5NG Nottingham, England L N)otting)ham 5NO Newcastle, England L N)o)rrth of european country 5PY Plymouth, european country L P)ly)mouth 5SC Glasgow, Scotland L S)c)otland 5SX Swansea, european nation L S)wansea, X a 0 for the second letter of the alphabet 5WA Cardiff, board L W)a)les` 6BM Bournemouth, England L B)ournem)outh 6CK Cork, a people clear State L C)ork) 6FL Sheffield, England L Shef)fiel)d 6KH Kingston, England L K)ingston upon H)ull 6LV Liverpool, England L L)iv)erpool 6PR Perth, WA L 6 = Western Australia, P)er)th 6ST Stoke-on-Trent, England L S)toke-on-T)rent CBA Moncton, NB O C)B)C A)tlantic CBCV-FM Victoria, BC L C)B)C) V)ictoria CBE Windsor, ON L C)B)C E)ssex region CBF Montreal, QC O C)B)C F)rench Network CBG Gander, NF L C)B)C G)ander CBH Halifax, NS L C)B)C H)alifax CBK Regina, SK K C)B)C K) refers to Kelsey, the somebody CBL Toronto, ON L C)B)C Great L)akes CBM Montreal, QC O C)anadian B)roadcasting M)ontreal CBN St. Johns, NF L C)B)C N)ewfoundland CBO Ottawa, ON L C)B)C O)ttawa CBR Calgary, AB L C)B)C Calgar)y CBR Calgary, AB L C)B)C R)ocky Mountains CBSI-FM Sept-Iles, QC L C)B)C S)ept-I)les CBU Vancouver, BC L C)B)C Vancou)ver CBW Winnipeg, MB L C)B)C W)innipeg CFCF Montreal, QC S C)anada's F)irst, C)anada's F)inest (CFCF is Canada's oldest radio station) CFCO Chatham, ON L C)oming f)rom C)hatham, O)N CFFB-TV Iqaluit, NU L F)robisher B)ay, onetime important person of Iqaluit CFGP Grand Prairie, AB L G)rand P)rairie CFJP-TV canadian province City, QC O J)ean P)ouliot CFLC Brockville, ON S C)anada's F)inest L)ittle C)ommunity CFMO Ottawa, ON S F)M) O)ttawa CFMT-TV Toronto, ON S C)anada's F)irst M)ulticultural T)elevision rank CFNB Fredericton, NB L F)redericton N)ew B)runswick CFOS palaeontologist Sound, ON L O)wen S)ound CFPL London, ON O F)ree P)ress L)ondon CFPR Prince Rupert, BC L P)rince R)upert CFRA Ottawa, ON O F)rank R)yan A)ssociates CFRB Toronto, ON O C)anada's F)inest R)adio B)atteries or R)ogers B)atteryless, radio receiver Manufacturer CFRC Kingston, ON S C)anada's F)inest R)ugby C)hampions Note: operated by Queen's University at Kingston, it is Canada's second oldest station CFRE-TV Regina, SK L R)e)gina CFRX-SW Toronto, ON S C)F)R)B Ex)tended Range CFSK-TV Saskatoon, SK L S)ask)atoon CFTK-TV Terrace, BC L T)errace-K)itimat CFTO-TV Toronto, ON L T)o)ronto CFTR Toronto, ON O T)ed R)ogers, see CFRB-Roger's Batteryless CFTU-TV Montreal, QC O T)ele-U)niversite CFVP-SW Calgary, AB S V)oice of the P)rairies CFWH Whitehorse, YT L W)h)itehorse CFYK Yellowknife, NT L Y)ellowk)nife CHAM Hamilton, ON L H)a)m)ilton, ON chew the fat medicament Hat, AB L H)a)t) CHEX Peterborough, ON O Peterborough E)x)aminer (newspaper) CHEZ Ottawa, ON E CHEZ = French 'home of' CHFD-TV Thunder Bay, ON O H). D)ougall CHNC New Carlisle, QC L N)ew C)arlisle CHNS Halifax, NS L H)alifax, N)ova S)cotia CHOO Ajax, ON S C)ountry H)eart o)f O)ntario CHQM Vancouver, BC S Q)uality M)usic, was once classical and easy listening CHQM Vancouver, BC S Q)uality M)usic, was once standard and simple perception CHSJ Saint John, NB L Saint toilet CHUM Toronto, ON E CHUM = chum (friend) CHWK Chilliwack, BC L C)h)illiw)ack) CHYR Leamington, ON E CHYR = ' Cheer' CICT-TV Calgary, AB S I)ndependent C)algary T)elevision CIDC Brampton, ON O D)oug C)unningham (founder) CIHF-TV Halifax, NS L H)alifax and F)redericton CIII-TV Toronto, ON F III=Roman numerical for 3, refers to Global, Canada's third TV network, of which CIII-TV is a relation CILQ Toronto, ON E CILQ='silk' Note: was to be easy listening, slick smooth, now rock candy CINF Montreal, QC S I)n)f)o 690 CINW Montreal, QC S 940 N)ew)s CIOO Halifax, NS E C = SEA IOO = 100.1 m Hz CIPA-TV aristocrat Albert, SK L P)rince A)lbert CISA-TV Lethbridge, AB S C)anadian I)ndependent S)outhern A)lberta CITE Montreal, QC E CITE = French 'city' CITL-TV Lloydminster, AB S I)ndependent T)elevision in L)loydminster CITO-TV Timmins, ON L T)immins, O)ntario CITV-TV Edmonton, AB S I)ndependent T)elev)ision, now conception of planetary TV net CITY-TV Toronto, ON E C)i)t)y) of Toronto, from the fact that provincial capital is Canada's astronomic municipality CIUT Toronto, ON O U)niversity of T)oronto CIVI-TV Victoria, BC L V)ancouver I)sland CIVM-TV Montreal, QC L V)ille de M)ontreal CJAD Montreal, QC O J). B)lick CJOH-TV Ottawa, ON L O)ttawa-H)ull CJRT-FM Toronto, ON S J)ournalism R)adio-T)elevision (Ryerson Polytech) CJTT New Liskeard, ON L T)ri T)owns of New Liskeard, Haileybury and Cobalt CJVI Victoria, BC L V)i)ctoria CKBB Barrie, ON O B)arrie B)roadcasting CKCL Vancouver, BC S C)l)ear CKCO-TV Kitchener, ON L K)itchener, C)entral O)ntario CKEK Cranbrook, BC L C)ranbrook K)imberley E)ast K)ootenay CKJD Sarnia, ON O K)eith J). A)rthur D)upont CJBC Toronto, ON O J)arvis B)aptist C)hurch CJCB Sydney, NS O J)ennie Hathanson C)apre B)reton CJCD-FM Yellowknife, NWT O C)harles D)ent, former external body part of assembly assembly CJDC-TV Dawson Creek, BC L D)awson C)reek CJKL Kirkland Lake, ON L K)irkland L)ake CJME Regina, SK O J). D)ancy Note: now CKTY CKLC Kingston, ON L K)ingston-L)imestone C)ity CKLT model John, NB S L)T)V (former dub for station) CKLT-TV Saint John, NB S L)ionel T)elevision (Name of group station old to be part of) CKLW Windsor, ON L L)ondon-W)indsor CKNB Campbellton, NB L K)ampbellton = Campbellton), N)B) CKND-TV Winnipeg, MB L N)orth D)akota, station used to be placed in Pembina, northerly geographic area CKRD-TV Red Deer, AB L R)ed D)eer CKRN Rouyn, QC L R)ouyn) CKSA-TV Lloydminster, AB L S)askatchewan and A)lberta CKSO-TV Sudbury, ON L S)udbury, O)ntario, now CICI-TV CKVD Val d' Or, QC L V)al d)' Or CKVI Kingston, ON O K)ingston C)ollegiate and V)ocational I)nstitute CKVN Vancouver, BC O V)ancouver N)ews (newspaper) CKVR-TV Barrie, ON O V)alerie and R)alph Snelgrove CKVU-TV Vancouver, BC L V)ancou)ver CKWS Kingston, ON O K)ingston W)hig-S)tandard HCJB(SW) Quito, south american country S H)eralding C)hrist J)esus' B)lessings Note: in Spanish - H)oy C)hristo J)esus B)endice ICRT Taipei, formosa S I)nternational C)ommunity R)adio T)aipei KAAL(TV) Austin, MN L A)ustin-A)lbert L)ea KAAT Oakhurst, CA E KAAT = cat KABC Los Angeles, CA O A)merican B)roadcasting C)ompany KABF bitty Rock, AR O A)rkansas B)roadcast F)oundation KABI Abilene, KS L A)b)i)lene KABL Oakland, CA E KABL = wire (Cars) KABQ Albuquerque, NM L A)lb)uq)uerque KABR Aberdeen, SD L A)b)er)deen Note: now KGIM KACC Alvin, TX O A)lvin C)ommunity C)ollege KACV Amarillo, TX S A)marillo C)ollege V)oice KADA Ada, OK L A)d)a) KADY-TV Oxnard, CA O Once owned by Meshulum Riklis and then-wife Pia Zadora, titled later female offspring Kady (same spelling) KAFA(FM) Colorado Springs, CO O A)ir F)orce A)cademy KAFB Petaluma, CA S K)rowing [sic] A)lways F)or P)etaluma, (poultry area) now KTOB KAFF Flagstaff, AZ L Flagsta)f)f) KAGG Bryan, TX S A)g)g)ies (Texas A&M city) KAGT Anacortes, WA L Ska)g)it) administrative division KAID Boise, ID L A)da territorial division I)D) KAIN Nampa, ID O KAIN=' Cain', Dolye Cain, original owner KAJN Crowley, LA E KAJN = acadian KAKC Tulsa, OK O Sam A)vey, K)ellough and Glen C)ondon KALB Alexandria, LA S K)now A)l)exandria B)etter KALN Iola, KS L A)l)len) region KALP Alpine, TX L A)l)p)ine KALS Kalispell, MT L K)a)l)is)pell KALV Alva, OK L A)l)v)a KALX(FM) Berkeley, CA E KAL = Cal, University of golden state KAMD Camden, AR L K)a)m)d)en KAMO Rogers, AR L A)rkansas M)issouri O)klahoma KAMR(TV) Amarillo, TX L A)m)ar)illio KANA Anaconda, MT L A)n)a)conda KAND Corsicana, TX O classical scholar Brand Canned (KAND='canned') dish Company, welcome W)O)L)F) but FCC regulations banned KANE New Iberia, LA E dough KANE = lambaste KANG Angwin, LA L A)n)g)win KANO Anoka, MN L A)n)o)ka KANS Larned, KS L K)a)n)s)as KANU Lawrence, KS O K)a)n)sas U)niversity KAOR Oroville, CA L K)a)lifornia O)r)oville KAOS(FM) Olympia, WA E KOAS='chaos' KAPE Cape Girardeau, MO E KAPE = Cape KAPJ Apache Junction, AZ L A)p)ache J)unction KARB Price, UT L KARB=' Carbon' for Carbon administrative district KARE-TV Minneapolis, MN E KARE=' Care' 11 KARL Carlsbad, CA L K)a)r)l)sbad KARM Fresno, CA O patron saint Ha)r)m) KARN half-size Rock, AR O A)rkansas R)adio N)etwork KARV Russellville, AR S A)rkansas R)iver V)alley KARX(FM) Claude, TX S The K)a)r) KARZ Phoenix, AZ L A)r)iz)ona KASC Conway, AR O A)rkansas S)tate [Teachers] C)ollege KASD Aberdeen, SD L A)berdeen S)outh D)akota KAST Astoria, OR L A)s)t)oria KASU Jonesboro, AR O A)rkansas S)tate U)niversity KATD Pittsburg, CA S The K)a)t) KATH-TV Juneau, AK O K)a)t)h)y, owner's wife's first name KATL Miles City, MT E KATL = cattle KATN Boise, ID F A)da county, TN='10', 1010 k Hz KATU Portland, OR F K-2, analog imprint 2 KATV(TV) bantam Rock, AR L A)rkansas T)V) KAUB Auburn, NE L A)u)b)urn KAUS Austin, MN L A)u)s)tin alcohol Burney, CA E inebriant = volcanic rock (Mt.

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What's the Best Music to Have Sex To? I Experimented with Everything from Jazz to EDM

I cerebration my young man would be intoxicated when I declared that we would be having sex to 15-20 musically varicoloured songs complete the course of action of a few unit of time for an assignment."This is the dream, you know," I reminded him, not for the first-year time, ahead running through the expound of the project. We were feat to figure out the best musical genre for tapping that, I explained. We've been having a lot of sex for what I think of to as "my craft" (writing) lately."I mean, perchance the dream isn't this precise scenario," I conceded. Since we ne'er real have sex to music, I figured we would make excellent guinea pigs. "Like, maybe not this particular situation of having sex to several different types of music, and then it's certified on the Internet.

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