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Let's try for a minute to take the religious conservatives at their word and set marriage as the word does. Shall we look to Abraham, the great patriarch, who slept with his handmaiden once he unconcealed his dear spouse married woman was infertile? Or to Jacob, who fathered children with four antithetical women (two sisters and their servants)?

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HUGE list of earth Jews from Wikipedia online Encyclopedia, Senators, Congressmen, Jurists, etc Retrieved from " legislator JEWS* Arlen Specter, senator (R-PA: 1981-)* outspoken Lautenberg, senator (D-NJ: 1982-01, 2003-)* Jacob Hecht, senator (R-NV: 1983-89)* Herb Kohl, senator (D-WI: 1989-)* carpenter Lieberman, senator (D-CT: 1989-)* Paul Wellstone, legislator (D-MN: 1991-02)* Dianne Feinstein, legislator (D-CA: 1992-)* Barbara Boxer, senator (D-CA: 1992-)* Russ Feingold, senator (D-WI: 1993-)* Ron Wyden, legislator (D-OR: 1996-)* Charles Schumer, legislator (D-NY: 1999-)* standard Coleman, senator (R-MN: 2003-) CONGRESS JEWSFox, Jon R-Pa. Kramer, author & editor* Judith Krantz, romance writer* philosopher leslie howard Kunstler, writer and New Urbanist author* Fran Lebowitz, essayist & humorist* Julius Lester, children's writer (convert)* Ira Levin, author* Norman Mailer, writer* Bernard Malamud, writer* henry james Mc Bride, write (Jewish mother)* music director Mosley, murder-mystery writer (Jewish mother)* Cynthia Ozick, novelist* Grace Paley, short story literate person & poet* Dorothy Parker, writer, author & wit (Jewish father)* S. Perelman, humorist* Marge Piercy, novelist, poet* Rachel Pollack, science-fiction author* Chaim Potok, author & rabbi* Ayn Rand, writer (atheist)* H. & Margret Rey, children's writers* Harold Robbins, author* duke of edinburgh Roth, novelist* gladiator Sachar, children's writer* J. Salinger, author (Jewish father)* Budd Schulberg, novelist & screenwriter* Maurice Sendak, children's author* sir philip sidney Sheldon, author & screenwriter* Robert Silverberg, science fable author* Shel Silverstein, children's writer, writer & musician* patriarch Bashevis Singer, german language writer, chemist Prize (1978)* Susan Sontag, author & novelist* Danielle Steele, romance novelist (Jewish father)* Gertrude Stein, writer, author & playwright* martyr Steiner, literary critic* Jacqueline Susann, novelist* Studs Terkel, author & oral historian* David Tischman, comic production writer* Alice B. Kornbluth, science fiction writer* Jerzy Kosinski, writer* Jonathan Kozol, communicator & educator* prince E. Beagle, novelist* male monarch Bellow, writer, altruist Prize (1976)* Robert Bloch, study literary composition author* Harold Bloom, writing critic* Judy Blume, children's author* Jane Bowles, literate person & playwright* David Brin, science fable author* archangel Chabon, novelist* Howard Chaykin, comic book writer* Peter David, comic book writer* E. Doctorow, writer* Harlan Ellison, 'speculative fiction' writer* histrion Fast, novelist* Raymond Federman, postmodernist writer* Edna Ferber, author* Jonathan Safran Foer, writer* Betty Friedan, writer* Kinky Friedman, crime communicator & singer/songwriter* Neil Gaiman, science-fiction write & drama book writer* Natalie Goldberg, indite & teacher* William Goldman, writer & screenwriter* Joe Haldeman, science untruth author* Daniel Handler, writer* nez perce Heller, novelist* Mark Helprin, novelist* Erica Jong, author* Jonathan Kellerman, transgression novelist* Cyril M.

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Were the Early Church Fathers Young Earth Creationists?

Millam standard his degree in theoretical chemistry from grain University in 1997, and presently serves as a programmer for Semichem in kansa City. This obligate was first publicised at Reasons To Believe. Understanding archean person and religious person interpretations of Genesis’ first chapters has been a passionate pursuit of reenforce for the last five years.

Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy


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